101 in 1001: 30% Complete!

5 Jul

My 101 in 1001 list has more or less lain dormant in the past few months, but now that I’ve got lots of free time on my hands, I’ve been hacking away at my goals once again!

Recently, I completed my 30th goal, making my list 30% complete! (Well, 29.7%, actually, but who’s counting?) Some of the things I’ve finished were a huge relief to complete (like handling some stuff with our savings), but make boring blog fodder. Others were a little more fun!

One of the projects I’ve been wanting to tackle for awhile is to make homemade ice cream. We have an ice cream maker attachment for our KitchenAid mixer, but I had never used it until now! For some reason, the process seemed kind of intimidating to me. Really, though, my perception of ice cream-making as some kind of antiquated, scary, butter-churning-esque procedure was totally wrong. It was easy! Somewhat time-consuming, because the ice cream “batter” has to chill overnight before freezing it in the mixing attachment, but it was no more challenging than your average batch of cookies or cake.

I used this recipe for chocolate ice cream, and holy cow, was it good. Because it contains egg yolks, it’s really more of a frozen custard, and it was incredibly rich and creamy. I felt like my first foray into homemade ice cream earned the whole nine yards of sundae creation, so we topped the ice cream with salted caramel sauce, whipped cream, and crushed pretzels. GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE.

Another goal I wanted to accomplish this summer was to take some kind of class. I love to try new things, so I just thought it would be fun to learn a little something and test-drive a new hobby. I looked into wine-tasting classes, cooking classes, and cake-decorating classes (which I actually still really want to do). When an offer for a series of five flower-arranging classes with a local florist popped up on Gilt, though, my cousin and I seized the opportunity. We went to our first lesson on Tuesday!

My very first attempt was not quite great. My cousin turned out to have a natural hand for arranging, while I was basically all thumbs. It was really fun, though, and I’m enjoying trying out a brand-new skill, just like I thought I would. Plus, I get to bring home a fresh floral arrangement every week, which is nice to have in the house–even if I’m not exactly a pro. (See the bowls in the background? We were about to dig into the ice cream again.)

All things considered, 30% isn’t a huge percentage, but I’m actually pretty excited about it. It means I completed 30 things that I probably wouldn’t have pushed myself to do otherwise, and that’s not small to me. I’m looking forward to finishing more as the summer goes on!

Have you reached any goals lately?

2 Responses to “101 in 1001: 30% Complete!”

  1. Terri July 5, 2012 at 7:28 pm #

    30% done! Very cool. I’m on my way with mine, but many of them are like multiple month things, so I have a lot in progress. I really enjoy having one. When my blog goes up again, I’m going to do an update. I think your flowers were beautifully arranged, btw. :)

  2. Amanda July 8, 2012 at 6:43 pm #

    That’s awesome! Homemade ice cream is SO much fun – we’ve been wanting to make some lately too!

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